Hey folks – thanks for stopping by again – here’s part two of my getting over my shyness project, entitled “Three Books” in which the publisher discusses his various splendid offerings.

Not exactly industrial light and magic (four bucks worth of green card and four of blue from the dollar store – lighting package provided by our nearest star), but I’m enjoying myself – and it’s great to be able to show people the fun inside the covers at last.

Went a bit silly with my costume – but the books are all real and available now from this very website – just click (SHOP) above – not only that, they’re excellent and entirely original in every way (great presents for the creatives, eccentrics and empaths on your list – and for any reader who judges curiosity love and compassion our greatest treasures, duties and joys).

I am also bound as technician and zero-budget creator to note the very first Lambert which I have ever had occasion to regret making! Even the finest rule requires exceptions for circumstance – which is itself an excellent clue to which of ‘ego and will’ versus ‘reality on the day’ is more important in the final analysis!

More on the overlooked importance of Lamberts soon – the uninitiated will be wonderstruck!

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