Here’s a much shorter podcast – again from a vintage essay which has held up rather well over the years.  Our own special in-house blend of funny, true and practical ideas.  Hope you enjoy it.

It is popular for us to think intelligence a key human attribute – almost like a mental toolkit which can help us realize our most important goals. It is also common to think that what we seek above all else is happiness in life.

But I’ve been studying smart people of many different types for many years now, and happiness does not actually seem to be common-to or easy-for these high-thinkers – nor to a great many of the rest of us, nowadays.

Could it be that part of the problem is that we’ve been thinking about thinking all wrong?


Hi Folks – this once lost episode is now live again over on my new Substack site (where they do not charge me for storage space, for which I love them).  Check it out here:


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