Hello my friends – here’s a podcast which brings together our shared strange experience of pausing normalcy, and several themes I’ve talked about before, and makes something of them. You don’t have to have listened to anything else I’ve posted for it to make sense – but if you have, you might enjoy a bit of a punchline feeling by the end.

This is definitely not my last word about the themes of compassion, joy and connection, our survival as a civilization and species, or social and personal transformations. But it is nice to put several big ideas together now and then. Use our cumulative effort to answer very serious and sometimes overwhelmingly big questions, which can sometimes be put on the back-burner for years on end, by one petty stressor after another.

How could we achieve the sort of humane and reasonable society that so many of us say we want?

Not by adding anger or force to the lives of others, but by proving that we can be that society ourselves.


I am always curious about what you are thinking

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