Cyrano and the Mixing Desk

Friendship is magical stuff, I write about it a lot, because I think we grow more through friendship and love than by any other means. But I’m also fascinated by the strange incalculables, the stuff that we know is true because we


A Prayer for John Irving

As a lifelong book-nut and ‘mister curious’, I have asked a ton of people about their favourite books. More than once I’ve made a deep connection, by identifying a book we both regard with special reverence – my favourite instance being a


Critical Path

Some books bring us pleasure, some books stretch our minds, some books broaden our philosophy and expand our moral understanding. Some books hit us at a special moment in our lives and will forever bring us a whiff and resonance of that


Hustling, Hassling, Sailing

Reopening and vaccinated at last. It is time to get the world-engaging side of my productivity-engine chugging again. So I’ve been cleaning out the boiler, checking gaskets, reviewing supplies of coal and water on hand and scouting new tracks, routes and customers.


Without Growing Old

I want to be this playful in my late eighties! On the surface, visual arts are all about looking – which feels like obvious and objective stuff – but sculpture is always a tricky challenge for a photographer, because a sculpture can

Spirit By Wire

I have to open this with an apology – I have been meaning to get it done and posted or awhile now. On the other hand, this may be the perfect moment. By now most of us are facing the prospect of

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