Again we have a large foreign corporation doing to us comfortable Canadians on a relatively small (but still incredibly infuriating) scale, the same sort of things that Canadian corporations have been doing overseas in poor countries where the people have way less power to resist, for decades.

Please don’t think I’m saying I don’t mind this nonsense – I don’t think things like aquifers should be for sale at all – the very idea is crazy – increasingly precious fresh water is a clear matter of public interest and regulation for all (and I mean all the world, not just the local ‘hood), if ever there was one.

But this is a spot where it’s very easy to see that there’s a second level of reality we leave out, which is actually quite important.  Where did these bozos get the money to screw us?  Not which institution leant it to them, but why?

Because we all collectively said – “Tap-water with ADDED PHTHALATES – why yes, I’d be very happy to pay more for that, than I would for juice in glass.”
(Please don’t ask me why, thinking about that makes my head explode!)

I’m serious here – yes we can say “Those big icky people are being mean to poor us”  But they absolutely could not do this if we weren’t ENABLING them.

Banks don’t lend money where there’s none to be made (they’re very fond of their capital, as a general rule), our stupidity is what proved the profit real.

Yes let’s regulate water better anyhow, pass some legislation by all means, and also rail against institutions which irritate us (and then hopefully not go back to forgetting about our own scumbags, once we’re back to dozy comfort).

But please – can we also stop being stupid and voting for destruction and voluntary toxicity with our damned wallets?  Pretty-please? (with stevia on it?)

I am always curious about what you are thinking

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