Photo credit: Nada Nesin

Do not do as I (sometimes) do! I have to say that up front, to be responsible – if you are a young creator in any medium, take plenty of time, plan like crazy, execute with great care and skill, and metabolize every possible lesson, at each and every step. This is how I approach professional craft, always!

On the other hand, I’m also sort of nuts, so even though I do creative things under high-discipline for dosh, I also end up doing other creative things when I have some time to goof-off – work for play, as it were.

The thousand hours of practise that my clarinet justly accuses me of not putting in, and the similar glowering accusations from my beloved silky fretless bass do hurt. They’ve even confiscated my once reliable embouchure and calluses, and put them up on a high-shelf until such time as I begin to behave better. ;o(

So, in the meantime….

Here’s an upbeat and yet entirely heartfelt song I wrote many years ago, which I have never got around to organizing a bunch of musician friends to record. I truly love to play with other musicians, but almost always improvise, when I do have the pleasure.

Feels unfair to subject anyone else to the wonky construction of my own tunes, so I play them myself (badly) on a veritable junkyard of cheap and dirty timbre makers. In the case of this one, I kept hearing a vintage arrangement in my head, which meant I either needed to enlist far better players than I for the job – or, for the time being, adjust my standards of instrumentation, just a smidge!

Definitely a result of listening to too much Mills Brothers (even though that is blasphemy to say, right on the face of it) and too little sleep, without question. But I found the result passably amusing. Hopefully, this is not also a sign of cumulative sleep deprivation.  ;o)

The photographs are from three excellent city expeditions with Nada, taken around Queen St. West, Kensington Market and the Junction. Toronto has lovely alleyways!

Cheers my friends. Truly hope this one brings a smile.

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