What doesn’t, makes me stronger


Hello folks, time for me to do another stand-up. I was planning to do some funny (and perhaps in places even inspiring) readings about teaching, but those plans were pre-empted by events.

So instead, I have a heavy one for you today – some insights into questions of suicide, self-worth, self-definition and forgiveness. There are four poems in here also, which bear directly on these matters – especially the idea-traps that well-meaning people can get caught in, which can sometimes utterly destroy their hope and spirit.

I don’t want to make anyone sad, by identifying as someone who struggles with big questions which ought to be more easily settled. But I have to be honest and say this, because to some I seem confident, cheerful excited, enthusiastic and funny. All of these are entirely sincere expressions and interactions, I’m not faking or play-acting, but they can still be the outward signs of someone who is also struggling with serious turmoil, on levels much deeper down.

The very last time I saw a dear friend who took her own life, I went away from the encounter (and hug) thinking – she seems happier than she has in ages.

Now is the time we have for kindness and love – and every creative possibility.

Only now.

I sincerely hope the insights within are helpful and healing to some of my struggling and compassionate friends. No darkness here for mere sport – light-seeking, always – and hard won lessons, only.

Worth the weight (fingers crossed)

I am always curious about what you are thinking

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