Special Exemption for Tricycles

0 Posted by - October 15, 2019 - Muddy York Notebook, The World Over Time, Video

“Paint the town green” (from a story by the author, age 8)

Hello friends, grab a coffee – it’s story time!

Today I have a full early chapter from my newest book – “The Kind of Friend You Need” – which is a collection of mostly-funny short stories from a child’s point of view, about heart, mind and soul saving friendships, in very strange times indeed (growing up in a 60s and 70s commune).

I do strive for eccentric colour, gratitude, practical wisdom and uplift in all of my books – because I think everyone has enough of their own trouble nowadays – but these tales together are also a (hopefully useful) reflection on some of the ways that wishful thinking in groups, can end up going very wrong indeed.

This particular story moves through play over many years – and it covers a place, rather than people – but it was a place that hosted considerable shared warmth and had saving value for many – so in a curious way, though unlike the other tales in style, it still makes a perfect overture for all.

Hope you enjoy – and do please pardon the stumblings. I am still working on my rhetoric – meter and diction, especially (and yes, I promise I’ll have the tin-can reverb adjusted by pixies, just as soon as I assemble the appropriate and adequate tribute to so induce them).




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