Bezos has enough SALE



Hi folks

I’m still working as a caregiver/creator – all heart and no capital!

Which means I still can’t afford to rent my own private corner of Amazon.

On the other hand – doesn’t Bezos have enough of the book-trade money yet?

I know shipping is a pain – and free shipping feels great – so instead of giving him a cut, just to get you that feeling, I’m offering a four dollar discount on every book in my catalog.

This is most of the cost of Canadian lettermail shipping (I wish I could offer more to my dear readers from further afield, but margins forbid it, and this should at least help).

I am also planning to get things set up to do more readings in the coming months (Catherine got me a brand new green-screen drop cloth – which is way too much fun not to play with). So for those who are curious but on the fence, do stay tuned, more screeenable samples inbound. ;o)

Above all thank you. A writer without readers is a sad beast indeed.

“You complete me” is way overdone, but you most definitely complete the circuit,
which is required for vital current to flow, and for motive power to be delivered!

I am always curious about what you are thinking

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