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Every artist soon learns (usually by hard-knocks), that whatever estimate they make about the time and effort which a grand project will require, they are probably wrong – and not by ten or twenty percent, but by whole multiples and orders of magnitude.

The same is very much true of vintage vehicle restoration.  Thanks to my interest in historical aviation, I’ve read many accounts of frame-up rebuilds which were projected at a year or two, which ultimately stretched over a generation or two (It helps a lot if you have a double-wide garage).

With that in mind, I was very much charmed by this couple, cruising Queen St in a vehicle that was absolutely resplendent with invested energy and care.

He drove with expertise and a grim professional demeanour – looking back at all the gawking eyes with a scowl that (to me) said – “You rubberneckers have no idea at all how much work this took, not even the slightest clue.”

His wife on the other hand, was wearing her Sunday best and beaming out the window proudly like she was the guest of honour in a glorious top-grade parade-float.

Which I took to mean, “You have no idea how much patience this cost me – not even the slightest clue.”

They’d both of them earned it, far as I could tell.

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