Sunflower Panorama

Funny note – Catherine is happy to be my lookout / security for when I’m standing in the road, or perched on something semi-dangerous.  But in this case, she almost got overzealous in the role.  A giant weird-looking bug was perched on


Worst job, best attitude

Came across this rather lovely double-Aesop the other day.  First we have the “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet” thing, in terms of jobs – no matter how frustrating your gig, it

Time to get serious (and beautiful)

While the discussion about FB and the election (and the larger culture-war in general) is underway, I’d like to add an observation. Rightness is not the same as usefulness – and has nothing at all to do with balance – which is


Galaxy Mod

Toronto is one of those cities that has managed to flip it’s industrial core into housing comparatively successfully – that is, though it drives me half-mad, it is almost certainly more fun to complain about gentrification and rampant overdevelopment as we do,


I have a very special relationship with squirrels – I’m not exactly sure that they like me, or the way that I insist on trying to learn their language.  I think it entirely possible that a sneaky one taught me a horrible

The sense of being staired at

I haven’t read any Rupert Sheldrake this century – but only because I always lend away my best books (and get them back, rather less-than always). He theorizes right at the edge of what I can ‘buy’ critically – one might think

Waves and Quanta

The thing I love most about any good strong argument, is how fast you can learn, when you encounter one that displaces your old, less useful and/or valid ideas.  Knowledge-turnover, like soil-aeration, is non-optional if you want to get a good fresh



Context really is everything – there’s not much that’s more dull and common than a dirty puddle – and while wrought-iron fire-escapes do have visual appeal and even artistic significance (from the Ashcan school through Hopper and onward), we really don’t often

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