Sweet-sized concerts

While there are worrisome changes to the Toronto landscape, and also many new developments of promise – there are also, I’m very glad to say, many sweet things about Toronto that remain very recognizable, from when I was a kid. Ossfest itself

High-frequency vitality

I’ve already gone-on at some length about the great evolutionary significance of the arrival of flowers – not only a crucial increase in energy concentration for nifty things like mammals, that prefer above room-temperature blood (in the form of the vast variety


Never gets old

Catherine and Nada will both tell you – I am a bit of an ornery old cuss. I don’t just go along with stuff because everyone else is doing it, I make my own call. No, I don’t want to be a



Here’s another one of my unexpectedly nifty hand-held nighttime rain-shots. This one took a bit of doing too – walked back and forth for about a block, to get the right sort of mix of odd little businesses set up in front

Tardy? Hardly!

For some time now, the crack team of book-obsessives at Large Ess Small Press have been gearing-up to offer fine and original published works to you — and we are, at last, just about ready to announce our first of many planned


Realistic After All

I’d rank Bumblebees as the second cutest insect after ladybugs, and they are far more cuddly-looking, thanks to their apparently soft and colourful fur But I have to say, I always thought the weird plastic wings that people wore for their bumblebee


Kids like to do stuff

I sure felt cool in that carpentry apron. Childhood is weird, and there’s no doubt that parenthood is challenging – but there’s one simple principle worth remembering – kids remember! Any experience they have of being able to create things which are

Sunflower Panorama

Funny note – Catherine is happy to be my lookout / security for when I’m standing in the road, or perched on something semi-dangerous.  But in this case, she almost got overzealous in the role.  A giant weird-looking bug was perched on


Morlock’s view

I’ve got a strange pantheon of heroes, not just scientists and science-fiction writers – but also poets, mad-philosophers, artistes and engineers  – but HG Welles has been right up near the top for me from very early days – not only because

Not a point but a process

I can also do simple – and admire the aesthetic greatly.  Here I’m treating one of my most important recurrent themes for poetry and essays both – the idea that we aren’t frozen-mass sculpture, but always-changing and dynamic music. So many things

Shy building syndrome

More Yonge-St wrecking-ball mayhem (near the much-missed Uptown theatre) I lost my chance to buy a proper Aquascutum pea-coat at Stollery’s (the very last place in town with a decent Haberdashery counter – dammit), and the ever growing tower on the opposite

Bring your own rainbow

So much for the American state making any social progress advancement for awhile – back to rebel-mode for every subculture that was feeling rare hope. Which means it is now a time for all of us to stand up for our friends,



As mentioned in my last post about the demise of the Brunny – there is good news on Bloor as well.  This building, the former Hungarian Palace, was empty and abandoned not for years, but for decades.  When I was a small


Worst job, best attitude

Came across this rather lovely double-Aesop the other day.  First we have the “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet” thing, in terms of jobs – no matter how frustrating your gig, it

The Zanzibar

Lest my fellow Torontonians think I’m trying to portray a sanitized version of scuzzy Yonge St to my far-away friends, here’s a cultural landmark far more typical of the part of the downtown strip where Elm (Arts and Letters) intersects. Coming up

Purloined Aquifer

Again we have a large foreign corporation doing to us comfortable Canadians on a relatively small (but still incredibly infuriating) scale, the same sort of things that Canadian corporations have been doing overseas in poor countries where the people have way less

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